Welcome to the Swedish Pharmacy Association

The Swedish Pharmacy Association is the trade association for pharmacy operators and currently has 9 member companies representing nearly 100 percent of the pharmacy market in Sweden.

The Swedish Pharmacy Association represents almost all pharmacies in Sweden and their owners and are working to create good conditions for pharmacy operators in the Swedish Market. Pharmacy industry is a part of the Swedish health care system and ensures a secure and safe management of medicinal products throughout the country. The people working in our industry have great knowledge of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical use.

The Swedish Pharmacy Association is a non-profit organisation assigned to oversee and promote its members’ trade interests. In order to fulfil this assignment, the organisation is to:

  • Initiate and pursue activities relating to issues that are important to the members.

In particular, it falls on the Swedish Pharmacy Association to:

  • Promote the interests of member companies with regard to issues concerning Apotekens Service AB.
  • Function as a referral body for issues relating to the pharmacy industry.
  • Promote the interests of member companies with regard to issues concerning quality, patient safety and regulation.
  • Represent member companies in contacts with government agencies and politicians with regard to strategic issues concerning pharmaceuticals, pharmacies and health care.
  • Represent the interests of member companies by promoting their cause in various debates.
  • Promote issues relating to competence and education by participating in the development of a national curriculum for pharmaceutical education, the training of pharmacy technicians and internships.
  • Assist government agencies and industry associations, domestically and internationally, with verdicts and surveys regarding the pharmacy industry.


License to practice (information from The National Board of Health and Welfare)

Statutes (PDF)


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111 24 Stockholm, Sweden